Call In

A networking app to facilitate participation and engagement in social projects and events

About Call In

Call In aims to promote a volunteerism-driven culture among newcomers and locals by encouraging dynamic participation in social projects and events through a ready-to-go collaborative platform.

Our solution is a new social media app which helps isolated people, migrants, or marginalised individuals, who are new to a place, to integrate faster in a community and operate both offline and online.

It might combine:
content for orientation and suggestions similar to a travel app
networking functions like Facebook events or Meetup
volunteering platforms.

The benefits of Call In

Call In displays options to engage in projects and start-ups,

so that everyone can bring in and develop his/her own skills, and at the same time, start to take part in the local community by making a contribution to it.

Call In gives to newcomers relevant information.

The user could find institutions offering programs for his/her integration.

Organisations can simultaneously post events

in the Call In app as well as in Facebook, so that there is no extra communication work.

Call In incorporates high values of social responsibility. With its digital solution, Call In facilitates the networking across different social groups and supports particularly socially isolated individuals and migrants.


Maria Mahdessian

Maria holds a Master of Arts degree in Design with specialisation in Design Research from Bern University of the Arts and a Bachelor’s degree in Design with a specialisation in Graphic Design from Concordia University in Montréal. Her work often reflects membership in the global community. She gets inspired by observing the unknown, new cultures and the people that come with them. With this in mind, She believes travelling can feed her personality, as well as her practice in design. As a designer, her goal is to always express and communicate the intended idea and message behind any project she works on always staying true to the initial concept, identity, and value.

Joany Hernandez

Joany is passionate about multiculturalism. She decided to be part of the ‘Call In team’ because she believes in creating spaces where people can grow together, in optimism and that people can fulfill their goals when they get the right opportunities.

Tamara Aepli

Tamara is a designer and a scientific illustrator. She enjoys to make new friendships with people from all over the world. When she is not designing, she‘s most probably travelling to some faraway countries. By engaging herself in the Call In project, she believes that she can find the encounters she‘s seeking abroad back home and learn in this way something new about the world we live in.

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